We provide hope with love to those experiencing challenging times

2021 YTD:

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0 People Helped Financially

Your Time and Talent

One thing that distinguishes WRCH from other organizations running similar programs is that the agency is volunteer driven. There are six full time and two part time staff that support a large and growing team of 166 neighborhood volunteers, who serve the less fortunate in their own community.

Volunteers create mini support groups among their shifts that help them cope with the aches and pains and losses that come with aging. The bonds that form doing service work last for years, and the extension of their faith-based mission work lifts them spiritually. Having a purpose for their day keeps the volunteers engaged, active and sharp. The average age is young 70’s and many continue to serve into their 80’s and 90’s!
We Hope You Will Join Us And Help Make A Difference In Our Community. If you have other questions, contact us to ask.

Resale Store Staffing
We need people every day the store is open from 9:00 to 4:00. You can work all day or half days.

We also need help for the following:

  • Interviewers
  • Food Pantry
  • Clothes Closet workers 
  • Clothing sorters 

For More Information please contact us or call Kimberly at 214-324-9285

The basic requirements for volunteering at WRCH are compassion, consideration, and the desire to make an impact in this community.
Each volunteer receives on-the-job training and written instructions and regular updates to keep them current on agency policies.
Let us know when you are available, and we will work with you to find the time when you can make the greatest impact. Most shifts are 2 – 5 hours.
Volunteers create mini support groups among their shifts. This helps them cope with the aches, pains and losses that come with aging. Bonds formed doing service work last for years. The extension of their faith-based mission work lifts them spiritually and emotionally. Having a purpose each day keeps volunteers engaged and sharp. You also receive a discount at the Resale store.

Contact us, or call Kimberly at (214) 324-9285 to discuss your talents and availability.

Available Positions

If You Want To Work Directly With Clients, You Might Want To Be An…
Interviewer listens to the clients and talks with landlords and utility service providers to obtain an understanding of the client’s needs in order to recommend the most appropriate assistance in the form of food, clothing and household items, bus passes, toys and financial assistance.
Work in the Resale Shop to help customers and work as a cashier.
If You Prefer Limited Interaction With Clients, Then You Might Want To Consider These Options:
Intake Workers represent the Center to all clients, friends, and visitors, and convey the Center’s spirit of cooperation and helpfulness. These workers answer the phone, greet visitors and clients, schedule interviews, prepare clients for their interviews and complete paperwork related to a client’s visit after the interview.

Food Distribution Volunteers prepare the appropriate quantities and types of food and hygiene products to fit the needs of the clients and their families based upon the information provided by the Interviewers.

If You Would Rather Not Interact With Clients, Then You Can Make A Difference In These Areas:
Food Warehouse Volunteers receive and sort food for distribution to clients and help maintain proper inventory control.
Clothing Sorters make sure that clothing and household items are available for retail and client needs. The sorter determines what is kept or redistributed. They place clothing on hangers and tag them appropriately.
Client Data Entry Volunteers enter information about anyone who comes to the Center seeking assistance and any assistance provided into the Center’s database. This data is compliled and used for valuable statistical analysis and fundraising.